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The Little Black Dress…does it have to be black?

In the Victorian and Edwardian eras, black dresses were worn as a symbol of mourning.  If a significant death had occurred, it was not uncommon for the period of mourning to be at least two years.  Up until 1993, women of the Royal Family only wore black during a period of mourning.  In 1993, however, Princess Diana attended an evening function dress in a LBD, and the former rules disappeared. 

It has often been said that when you wear a black dress, you are never inappropriate or out of style.  However, what do you do if black isn’t your best color?  Not all of us look as stunning in black as Audrey Hepburn, Eva Longoria or Sophia Loren.  So, should we forego having a LBD in our closet?  Absolutely not!  There are no written rules that say the dress has to be solid black.  There are no written rules saying our favorite “go to” dress has to be black.  Think of the “LBD” as a concept.  The style should be classic with simple detailing.  This allows you to choose the accessories according to the event you are attending.

If you really want your classic dress to be black, but it isn’t your most flattering color, think about incorporating a great color from your color palette into the design.  If you really want to get noticed in the crowd, think completely out of the box and choose a different color.  Did you know that 70%-80% of all clothing sold in the USA is black?  Why blend into the crowd, when you can stand apart? 

Remember, fashion designers are selling fashion – their fashion!!!  Fashion goes out of style, but a classic dress will stand the test of time.  

Is it time to add this timeless classic to your wardrobe?  Give me a call, or drop me an email and I will help you decide on a style that flatters your figure, pick out a fabric that spans the seasons and a color that makes you glow.  Not sure what your best colors are?  I can help you with that as well.