Custom Alterations & Redesign

This is a stage jacket that I re-designed for Dolly's 2007 Tour.

This is a stage jacket that I re-designed for Dolly

Everyone wants to look their best, and that includes you!!!

Have you ever wondered why everybody looks great in all the clothes that are worn on “What Not To Wear”?  In a recent issue of Vogue Patterns magazine, this very question was answered by Clinton Kelly.  Everything on the show is tailored to fit each individual; nothing is straight off the rack–that includes T-shirts!

The fit of most garments can be significantly improved through alterations. You will be amazed what happens when you have ready-to-wear (“RTW”) custom-fitted to your body shape. You will look slimmer and trimmer — without losing a pound.  The better your clothes fit, the more expensive they will look.  Successful alterations require the garment to be pinned and manipulated while it is on you.  This also allows me to look at the proportion of the garment on your body.  Everything that hangs in your closet should fit, or it is money wasted.

So, what do you do when you are shopping for a great new addition to your wardrobe only to find that the item you want doesn’t fit. Do you buy it and settle for the fit?  Or, do you pass it up and hope to find another?  If it only needs a few tweaks, consider buying it and have it altered.  Keep in mind that ready-to-wear clothing has very little (if any) extra fabric in the seam allowances.  If the garment needs to be let out in any area, consider buying the next size up.  In most cases, ready-to-wear can be taken in, but rarely can it be let out.  Also, the cost of the garment has nothing to do with the cost of the alterations that need to be done.  The alteration work is based on the amount of time it takes to complete the task(s).

Another possibility is that you have a favorite garment that just needs a little “face lift” to update its look. No problem. You will be surprised at how “new” a garment can look when the buttons are changed, length shortened, lace replaced or added, etc. For a small investment, you get a new garment without the cost of one.

Alterations change the fit of a garment.  Changing the style of a garment is a re-design.  The price points for these two categories is very different.  If you recently lost weight, have some items that you still want to wear, but they are simply too big, it might be possible to get them to fit.  Here is a very basic guideline; 20 lbs. or less, the garment can be altered in most cases.  If you have lost more than 20 lbs., it is probably going to fall into the re-design category; it will have to be re-designed to fit your new body.

All types of garments are welcome. Fittings can be held in the privacy of my studio, or a location that you are most comfortable in.