Learn To Sew

Have you ever been shopping and found the perfect skirt — EXCEPT:

  • You wish it was in a different color — kumquat isn’t one of your colors.
  • You wish it was in a different fabric — shiny satin wasn’t what you had in mind for your next client meeting.
  • It fits in the hips, but not the waist (or vise versa).

You’re out shopping and see a great designer jacket — complete with the designer price tag — which is completely out of your budget. How would you like to learn all those special techniques that go into making great garments and have the clothes you always wanted?

You can create a wonderful wardrobe that is no longer dictated by stores, runway models, and fashion designers. Your sense of stlye will be in charge — not some stranger. You get to select the style, color, fabrication, embellishments… and the finished garment will not only reflect you; but, it will fit!

So often, we settle for something that is too large, too small, too short, too long, the waist is in the wrong place, the bust darts are under our arms – the list goes on and on. By “settling” we make a purchase that gets worn once, maybe twice, and ultimately gets lost in our closet forever.

There are numerous benefits derived when you make your own clothing to your specifications. Your garments are personalized to your body type, best colors, sense of style, life-style and needs. It allows you to be in control. And, an added benefit, the buttons won’t fall off during the laundering process.

If you have a strong desire to control your fashion statement, I can help you meet your goals. I will work with you one-on-one; setting up a class schedule that works with your commitments. My knowledge and expertise can help guide you through the learning process, so you are pleased with your accomplishments.  We will concentrate on the skill set you want to learn–from beginner sewer to couture techniques, and anything in between.  Don’t live within driving distance of Nashville, TN, but still want to take classes?  We can set up your lessons via Skype.