Custom Clothing

Do you want to have a wonderful wardrobe created in fabrics you choose? Do you have a strong desire to control your fashion statement? Then you are looking for custom made clothing.  Custom clothing is made to your measurements, body form and posture.  Once a person experiences the superb fit that enhances their figure, it’s hard to settle for run of the mill clothing.

There are numerous benefits derived from have clothing custom made to your specifications. Your garments are personalized to your body type, best colors, sense of style, life style and needs. Custom-made clothing is “made to order”.  It allows you to be in control.  It sets you apart from the crowd.  When was the last time that you actually bought something off the rack that was perfect in every way?

Custom clothing is an investment in yourself and takes some time to build your perfect wardrobe.  Several fittings will be required to get your garments to fit you perfectly; especially in the beginning when I am getting familiar with your life-style, your body type, and how you like your clothes to fit and look.  Classic clothes made from quality materials with expert workmanship will last for years and still look great.  The universal truth about women and men with great style is that their clothes really fit; and, that can (and should) be you!  Constructing a garment from quality materials with expert workmanship will far exceed anything available in ready to wear.

Do you need to dress up for work everyday?  If so, let me help you build a wardrobe capsule.  A business wardrobe that works, will save you time and money.  Have you ever stood in your closet and said “I have nothing to wear”?  If so, it is time to evaluate the contents of your closet.  Get rid of ill fitting, outdated clothes; and, replace them with custom garments that work for you and your lifestyle.  Nothing will scream unprofessional louder than clothing that doesn’t fit.  Studies show that dressing properly for work nets a more profitable pay check.  Look around at the best dressd people in any office or work place; they are most likely the ones that hold the higher paying positions.  Remember, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

It is helpful if you let me know what your budget is for a particular project.  This will give me an idea of where we need to keep the cost of the fabrics/notions and style considerations.  Based on your budget, we may need to tweak your design choice.  The construction of custom clothing is based on the type of fabric, the total number of pieces that need to be cut, the size of each piece, the number of times each piece passes through the sewing machine and the detail work.

You can have the wardrobe you have always dreamed of by working with a talented seamstress to make your dream come true. That’s where I come in. I have been sewing most of my life, and continue to seek out ways to improve my skills. I have attended numerous workshops and seminars from some of the industry’s best professionals. My knowledge and expertise can help guide you through the decision process, so you are pleased with the end result.